Park & Ride

You can save money on parking, gas and car maintenance, all while reducing your carbon footprint from your daily commute. Simply park your car for free at one of 20+ Park & Ride locations throughout the metro and use DART to complete your trip! 

Park your vehicle and ride DART

  • Save money on gas, car maintenance and parking. Save even more if you ride free through your school or employer.
  • Let someone else navigate rush-hour traffic. 
  • Browse social media (with free Wi-Fi!), read, catch up on work, chat with friends or relax.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and traffic congestion by taking cars off the roadways. 

Find the Park & Ride lot nearest you in the list below or use our interactive Trip Planner.

Parking Lots

Parking is free at all locations and located near the DART bus stop.


Name / Address

Bus Routes



Local 17, Express 99


Hawkeye Park

Mercy North

Express 98                                           

Express 98                                           

Express 98


Clive Hotel & Suites

Hickman Rd. and 156th 

Local 72, 74 Express 92

Express 92

Des Moines

Airport South Parking

Center Street Park & Ride*

Polk County River Place

Westchester Evangelical Church

Local 8                                   

The LINK Shuttle     

Local 6, 50              

Local 14



Express 93


Johnston City Hall

Price Chopper
The Bridge

Local 5

Express 93

Express 93           

Pleasant Hill

The Great Escape


Local 10                 

Local 10   


Buccaneer Arena

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

Express 92, 93, Flex Connect

Express 93Flex Connect

West Des Moines

Jordan Creek Town Center

Lutheran Church of Hope

Valley West Mall

Local 5272, Express 96

Local 52, Express 94, 95

Local 35272, Express 94

*Free public parking not available at the Center Street Park & Ride lot. 

Guaranteed Ride Home

In case of an emergency, DART will guarantee a ride home between the hours of 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday up to three times a year. This guaranteed ride home is availabe to Monthly Pass holders, Unlimited Access Partners, and Caravan riders.

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