Ride to Thrive Re-Enrollment

Posted on May, 30 2024

DART’s Ride to Thrive program allows people who receive food assistance, housing assistance or workforce assistance to pay about half the cost of a regular bus fare. Riders who use this program must re-enroll every two years. Many Ride to Thrive customers will need to re-enroll in the program beginning July 1, 2024. 

Customers should check the expiration date on their Ride to Thrive ID card to see when they need to re-enroll to continue paying half fare to ride DART. 

How to Re-Enroll 

When it is time to re-enroll, Ride to Thrive customers must: 

  1. Visit the Customer Service window at DART Central Station (620 Cherry St., Des Moines) 

  2. Provide a photo ID or other form of identification 

  3. Bring proof of food, housing or workforce assistance 

Learn more about who is eligible, how to enroll and documents needed by visiting rideDART.com/RideToThrive


Customers who are no longer receiving food, housing or workforce assistance cannot re-enroll and will no longer receive half fare through DART’s Ride to Thrive program. If a customer is unsure when their Ride to Thrive enrollment will end, check the expiration date on the Ride to Thrive ID card or visit DART Customer Service at DART Central Station (620 Cherry St., Des Moines) or call 515-283-8100. 

Customers will be notified their access has ended when they purchase their bus fare or bus pass. At that time, their Ride to Thrive ID should be turned over to DART staff. 

DART offers several other half fare opportunities which a customer may be eligible for, even if their Ride to Thrive access has expired. View the full list of reduced-fare programs at rideDART.com/HalfFare


For a full list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Ride to Thrive re-enrollment, click here

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