Partner Programs

DART is committed to doing its part to support the essential transportation needs of the communities it serves. Partnership with DART unlocks access to a full suite of transportation options, making every DART partner a shareholder in the success of all riders and the region at large.

Unlimited Access with Employer ID

Unlimited Access partnerships are annual or mutli-year agreements that establish a flat, annual rate paid by organizations to streamline access for an approved population to ride all DART fixed routes for free by showing an organization ID when boarding. Custom pricing proposals for Unlimited Access partnerships are available upon request and factor in the size and population being granted access and their proximity to DART fixed route bus service.

Benefits of Transit Access

Reducing barriers to transportation can help employers stand out when recruiting and retaining skilled workers while helping service providers meet the needs of their clients. The benefits of transit access extend beyond the workplace to essential destinations that support employees' overall quality of life, offering access to health care, retail, recreation, education opportunities and more. Learn more about the benefits of transit here.

Organizations can add value to their brand as well as their employee or client experience by partnership with DART by:

  • purchasing a monthly allotment of bus passes;
  • entering into an Unlimited Access partnership; 
  • participating in the RideShare vanpooling program.

Purchasing Monthly Bus Passes

For organizations who want to offer transit access for select individuals only, DART can provide a regular allocation of monthly bus passes, purchased on consignment, to distribute to individuals on a month-by-month basis. The organization is billed monthly for the quantity of passes used while unused passes are returned to DART and credited back to the organization. Learn more about monthly pass pricing here.


Caravan by DART offers a turnkey solution for organizations that serve or employ groups of individuals that share a common travel pattern. DART provides the van, fuel, maintenance, and vehicle insurance along with the added value of dedicated staff support, roadside assistance, and a flexible fleet of replacement vans. Vanpooling saves the hassle of vehicle ownership as well as wear and tear on personal or company vehicles. Full-time monthly and part-time rates are available for individual riders or as part of a Caravan partnership agreement.  


To explore how partnership with DART can help your organization, contact the Business & Community Partnerships team:

Matthew Harris, Business & Community Partnerships Manager


Beyond the benefit

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